Stop cuffing your jeans, hem those bad boys!

by J.S. on January 11, 2011

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I’m short. Like for real, short. Like below national average short. As if buying jeans doesn’t suck enough, you can imagine the added joy I get trying on jeans fit for a giant. Honestly, don’t even get me started, the injustices of women’s clothing are astounding.

Well, now we can at least wear jeans without looking like we’re melting. Here’s a GREAT hemming tutorial from I’ve actually hemmed a few pairs with this method and it works great. Not cutting involved. Love it.

Char’s tutorial is below. Stop by and say hi to her, she’s a hemming genius.

First a quick run down on basic hemming. Try your pants on and have someone pin the cuffs at the level you want the pants to end up. On this pair it’s 2.5”.


Divide that measurement in half (1.25” on this pair) and measure from the edge of the factory hem that distance. Press all the way around.


Sew right up next to the factory hem. I like to start right before the most detailed side seam and make sure it’s lined up perfectly.


Go back to your ironing board and press the factory hem “down” and the part you just sewed “up”.


You can stop here if you want, but (especially after washing) you might find that the part you just sewed flips down and hangs out of your jeans or that your cuff flips up and makes the hemmed part visible.

Take your jeans back to the machine and stitch RIGHT on top of the seam line on both side seams.

(I left the thread tail on the 2nd picture so you can see where the stitching starts. Practically invisible, right?)

And here’s a look at the other seam:


Finished product?


Photos and tutorial from

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1 Brandi January 17, 2011 at 8:47 pm

Nice job! I’m really impressed. I’ve been cuffing one pair of jeans for sometime now. I finally had them tailored (they were a bit expensive so I wasn’t willing to mess around with them myself). Really great DIY post. Your new site looks fantastic!


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