About The Poor Girl

A little about me:

Hi!, I’m J.S. I live in California with my husband and our dog, Daisy. Recently I’ve felt like something was missing in my life. I stopped making things. I let the world swoop me up and I just stopped being creative. This is my attempt to get back to what I love, to find happiness in everyday things and to do it within my means. I want to stop saying , “oh I want to do that” and instead start doing it. I hope together, we can learn to create, cook and design. It’s time to make something with our hands.

A little about the blog:

This is not a financial blog. If you’ve come here for advice on money, RUN! I know about as much about money as I do open heart surgery. So why The Poor Girl? Well, “poor” is an adjective that too many of us can relate to these days. But being “poor” is more than the lack of funds in your bank account; it’s a state of mind. It’s a word that so many of us run from, hide from and try desperately to disown. Not anymore, my friends. With the economy being what it is (or from what I see on The Today Show, aka my news source) “poor” is something I believe we should own.

Ina Garten is my personal God, I worship her the way some people worship saints. My obsession with her has very little to do with the fact that she cooks and all to do with her overall lifestyle. Ina has a Fish Monger. When she wants to buy eggs she goes to a chicken farmer. Ina is not a Poor Girl. I bring her up not to make all us long for the time and energy to make our own chicken stock (apparently the cans are not good enough) but because we can have our own “Barefoot” lifestyle as long as we’re willing (or forced) to make a few adjustments.

This blog will hopefully celebrate the new “Poor”. It will give that word power the way “Bitch” was given a total makeover. This is about shopping (yes, spending), attempting to cook for ourselves, the new cocktail hour (we’re poor, we must drink) and maybe even a tip or two on saving money (not from me of course, but maybe you’ll have some ideas?). The new “Poor Girl” will embrace basic skills we’ve gotten away from. Together we’ll learn how to fix things and make things while doing it all on a budget. This is about becoming the best Poor Girls we can be.

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