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Ez of Creature Comforts just launched her online mag, Gifted this week. It’s so lovely and full of amazing ideas. If you’ve ever read her blog you’ll know she does not disappoint. I know I’ve said it a lot but I’ll say it again, consider making something as a gift this year. Stop by Gifted and be inspired.

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Falling in Love with: ZipList

by J.S. on October 27, 2010

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Has anyone else tried ZipList? Allow me to explain why it’s so awesome. First, you can click on recipes online and all the ingredient become stored in your ZipList grocery list and they’re organized by food type (i.e. canned goods, produce, etc.) Second it stores the recipe so when you get back from the store you don’t have to fish around looking for where you left it. You can arrange lists by stores, note that you have coupons and make note of the brand you want to buy. ZipList also has over 3,000 recipes on the site. Overall it is amazing. I’m totally unorganized and this makes me look like a pro.

Sign up and see how it works here.


I went to see Sara Bareilles last night at The Orpheum in Los Angeles. If you’ve never heard of her please educate yourself immediately, you’re embarrassing me. If she’s coming to your town, run, don’t walk over to Ticketmaster and give that credit card a work out. She has talent oozing from her pores. Really it’s like an infection that I wish I would catch. Her band is adorable, music is rockin’, she likes to drink on stage. She truly is the perfect Poor Girl artist and we love her for it. She’s just starting her tour so you have no excuse.

Also, if you can listen to her first single, off the second albulm, King Of Anything and not want to immediately start dancing around in your undies, then I don’t think we should be friends anymore. No, seriously.


Those of you who know me know that I love to send cards and I can be one sarcastic lady. I finally found a card company that says all things I need a card to say. Bald Guy Greetings has all the piss and vinegar you wish you had.

Sidenote/life lesson: NEVER send a card like this to your grandma. Even if you think she’ll laugh. She won’t. grandma’s have zero sense of humor. I sent mine a card with a joke about drinking, cause, drinking is kinda her favorite pastime, and she totally didn’t laugh! Not even a smile. So lesson learned. No funny/ true cards for grandma.

From Bald Guy Greetings


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I have a soft spot for the bizarre. Today I discovered Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre and got lot in the lovely weirdness of it all. I wish I could give you more information on his process or why he does these things, but besides a very strange bio, there isn’t much information to give. They are truly bizarre but totally beautiful.


from Gus & Other Things

from Gus & Other Things

I’m not sure if we addresses this yet, but I’m obsessed with soup. I know you’re probably thinking, “Poor Girl, you’re obsessed with an awful lot of things”, and you would be correct, I am. But stay with me cause soup is good and fall (another obsession) is coming up. The lovely Abigail, over at Gus & Other Things has an amazing recipe for Prawns with Garlic, Chiles and Yellow Tomato Confit (top) and Tomato Soup (below). Both recipes totally fit the bill for Poor Girl food. They’re easy to make, not expensive and will totally blow the minds of anyone you serve it to. I will be making and freezing massive amounts of this goodness and you should too!

Stop by Gus & Other Things and say hi and to Abigail.

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