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OK it’s time to get serious now…

by J.S. on September 2, 2011

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Some girls dream of boys or shoes or diamonds. I dream of power tools. I have serious, serious issues. Hear me out though. We’re all obsessed with Pinterest and the stuff that people make on their is amazing. So I’ve been narrowing down why can’t be as crafty as they are and I think I’ve found my answer. I need power tools. Ok, so yes, I also need free time and patience and follow through but those things will come dammit! In the meantime, I think this might solve at least some of my problems. Anyone have one already?

via Lowes

Think of all the crap I could make with this??? I’m getting all excited just thinking of it!! I know, I’m lame. I’ll excuse myself now.


I’ve been a terrible, awful friend. I don’t return calls, don’t hang out, don’t write on the blog. It’s pitiful really. However, in my defense, I’ve been busy with my other life (I know, multiple lives, I’m a hussy). I got caught up doing what every good Poor Girl should be doing WORKING! But I’ve found my rhythm and I’m ready to be best friends again. If you’ll have me.

I have a gift, I’m bringing the best little blog I’ve seen to date. It’s won me over because it offers FREE STUFF! They know how we like it. Need a fun graphic for a last minute “homemade” birthday card? Want to spice up a break up email (don’t act like you haven’t done it)? I have the blog for you. The Graphics Fairy has cool vintage looking graphics for FREE!

So go browse, download and hoard your new graphics collection. Check back with me soon! I promise I’ll write!


The lady has spoken

by J.S. on May 17, 2011

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Let them hate, Paula.They’re just jealous of you gooey butter bars.

(from Pinterest)

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First off, let me give you a lame excuse for my absence…work. I’ve been working and when I’m not working I’m sleeping and getting ready to go back to work. I know, I know, boo hoo for me. I appreciate you joining my pity party. Now time for some serious business, a new diet. Here we go again folks, on the roller coaster that is my eating and exercising habits. This time I’ve decided to punish my self more then normal due to one too many “skinny encouragement” photos on Pinterest (who ever post those should have their sisterhood card revoked…evil bitches.). So this time I’ve stepped up the torture with Tracy Anderson. She’s short like me so I figured she could relate. Her body is sick and she trains everyone, I mean the girl does this insane jumping/dancing/flailing thing for 30 min straights and doesn’t look like she’s hyperventilating. It’s sort of amazing. Normally she does one-on-one training in some ultra swanky studio but since I’m poor and not Gwenth Paltrow I went ahead and bought her new DVD program. Those of you not familiar should google her immediately. Anyways, this is far from a plug or endorsement for her program. I’ve been on the exercise portion for two days and it hurts to sneeze. No, literally, sneezing is causing pain. She has a cult like mantra of “Do everything I say” and you’ll supposedly get this amazing body. Well two days in and I can honestly say If you survive this 90 program your body must be unreal cause wiggling my toes makes me whimper. We’ll see how far I get with this. The diet portion is a bit too intense for me. I need cake like some people need cigarettes and no skinny troll is going to make me stop. That being said, I think I drank the Kool-Aid and I definitely see the promise in this but damn the pain.

photo from Pinterest via here.

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Today I’m thinking about…

by J.S. on May 9, 2011

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Stove here.

Tub here.

Blue door here.


by J.S. on March 9, 2011

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Sorry I’ve been MIA. It’s actually been for a good reason. I was promoted at work and things just started happening. But now, I’m BACK! I hope everyone has been well and behaving themselves. In other news, I have another giveaway coming up, the email subscription service is back up, please sign up if you haven’t already. Also, drum roll please, I’m going on (another) diet! {insert your gasps here} In honor of lent (which I never really participated in) I’m doing 40 days of the Carb Lovers Diet. Between working and my constant consumption of all things frosting I’ve added some lbs to the scale. Why the Carb Lovers?

1. the food is cheap and you probably already have it in your house.

2. no horrible headaches from lack of food

3. you can eat a burger and pasta

4. if you need more than that, you’re impossible to please.

Want to join me? You can buy the book here. I’d love to hear how it’s going for you. I’ll even try to include some of my own carb lover recipes here, so check back.

poster here.


Best Birthday Gift, a Deer Head??

by J.S. on February 24, 2011

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In case anyone is looking for a last minute birthday gift (it’s tomorrow) I’d like a deer head. Yep, I know, weirdo…
from Venucci


Happy Birthday, Dad!

by J.S. on February 12, 2011

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Dear Dad,

I hope you have a day filled with all the things you like most. Lobsters, Seven & Sevens, a comfy couch, a really bad movie and your dogs.

Happy Birthday!


photo from ohhellofriendblog.com

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Valentine’s Day Revelations

by J.S. on February 11, 2011

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Being married is kind of weird. I mean it’s great and I love it, but some days you notice it more than others. Some days something happens that makes you go, holy shit, I’m like really married. Today was one of those days. Today I got my Valentine’s Day gift. The husband is cleaning our place from top to bottom. Now, for those of you who are single you’re probably thinking, “wow, how lame, you must be pissed!” For those of you who are really married you are probably forwarding this to your significant other as a subtle hint as we speak. Pre-marriage, I would have wanted flowers, jewelry, all around shiny things, but now? Now a clean floor and an empty sink brings a tear to this poor girl’s eye. Here’s hoping you all have a clean house kind of Valentine’s Day.

photo from Google.


Happy New Year!

by J.S. on December 31, 2010

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from white and wander

This has been a crazy year with lots of new beginnings. I’m really looking forward to what 2011 has in it’s bag of tricks. I hope you all have a great time tonight. Here’s to a safe, healthy and happy 2011.


(image via ohsobeatuifulpaper.com and whiteandwander)